Management of registration

Register on our site

To use House of Magic Treasures digital services, we ask users to register online by filling in some details. The data entered by the user in the boxes relating to name, address, email address, and phone, we call the "registration".

Inclusion of registration in a database

Through this data typing online, so registering, the user agrees with the fact that this information is stored by House of Magic Treasures in a database (database) and used for publicity purposes.

In the registration card we offer the opportunity to unsubscribe from the House of Magic Treasures database. He or she will then in this way information or advertising messages received. Under no circumstances will we pass on your data or sell it to third parties not connected to House of Magic Treasures 

Management of IP data

We use your IP address only to diagnose problems with our server, to administer our Web site and anonymously collect relevant demographic information.

The rights of the user

Every user is entitled to any inaccurate data relating to him free of charge to improve anytime. This right has already been explained further above. Every user is entitled to prohibit the use of all data relating to him at any time without any cost. This duty has been already explained in detail above. Every user is entitled to have free to delete all data concerning him at any time. For this, the user must send an email to the customer. If you do this, your data is automatically deleted from our database.

Protection of personal data

House of Magic Treasures  provides security against loss, abuse or alteration of information under our control. We have developed appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard the information we collect online and secure. Data access is limited to authorized personnel Cosmec Riggio. The security of the Web and the security procedures are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure the best data protection.

The use of cookies on our site

When a user visits our site, we assign him or her a unique user identity. It automatically creates a cookie, stored on the user's computer.

Initially, this cookie is used to examine the contents of the virtual shopping cart to the user. This cookie follows other words, the online purchasing - through other sites - user. The cookie itself is stored in the computer of the user, but this does not apply to information regarding the online purchasing behavior of the user (the content of his / her virtual shopping cart). That information is stored in a database on the server of the website. This information provides House of Magic Treasures  the possibility of granting offers tailored to the interests of each user.

The user can terminate the use of this cookie at any time and remove the information stored in this way from the database. To this end, the user must turn off the cookie support in his / her browser.

For additional information on this, please refer to the browser documentation.

We may use an outside advertising agency to place (inter alia in the form of banners) on our site. These ads may contain cookies, the information gathered by the external agency.

House of Magic Treasures  has no access to this information and is not responsible in any way for.

Jurisdiction Demarcation

House of Magic Treasures  is not responsible for the cookies and their use, which are related to advertising inserts placed on our websites by third parties. House of Magic Treasures  is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of the sites to which links are provided from our sites.

House of Magic Treasures  is not responsible for the content and the photos that users post on its website. Nevertheless House of Magic Treasures reserves the right, in the event of suspected breaches of criminal laws, to report this to the competent authorities.