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  • Isadora

    Italian bracelet

    We are happy to introduce you to this wonderful Turquoise bracelet which stole our hearts the moment we laid our eyes on her. This 18 ct yellow gold bracelet is set with all colours of blue & Greenish blue cabochon turquoises. Each link is set with eight of them while four bezel set rubies bring extra warmth to each link. These colourful links are connected to each other with vertical marquise shaped connectors. They are finished with a white layer to make the turquoise links pop even more. This joyful bracelet is hand made before 1969 and marked with an Italian makers mark and a K18 mark. The box clasp is hidden and almost invisible when closed, what craftsmanship! On top of that it is secured with an extra small lock on the side of the bracelet.

    We love every detail of this blue beauty, its warm and happy colours, its bigger size and its elegant and royal look. It is the perfect eye catching statement bracelet to combine with any outfit for any occasion.

    Bracelet width : 1,2 cm

    Bracelet length : 17 cm - 6,7 inch

    Total Weight : 35,8 gr

    Condition : Very Good - Vintage

    Material : 18K yellow gold

    Gemstones : Turquoise & ruby

    Hallmark : K 18 + Italian makers mark

  • Valentina

    Zodiac Bracelet

    We happily introduce you to this magical treasure. Whatever your zodiac sign is, this vintage round link yellow gold bracelet has you astrologically covered. It is featuring all twelve star signs, each named after a constellation, in a round openwork medal. This bracelet is crafted in 18k yellow gold and marked with a 750 mark and a makers mark. It is in good condition, although the scorpio link has had a repair which is only visible from the back. This unique bracelet will quickly become your star accessory and favorite jewel to wear on a daily base. 

  • Bella

    Minimal bangle

    For sale is this lovely 14k yellow gold dolphins bangle. This animal themed bangle is a light and therefore pleasant bracelet to wear. It fits almost any wrist and is therefore the perfect gift. This beauty is marked with a 585 mark and is in very good condition. We love its minimal design, its cute look and the fact that it will most likely fit any wrist.

    Inner width : 5,9 cm

    Inner height : 5 cm

    Width dolphins : 0,6 cm

    Weight : 4,8 grams

    Condition : Very Good - Vintage

    Material : 14K yellow gold 

    Hallmark : 585

  • Victorine

    Vintage pearl bracelet

    For sale is this Vintage gold pearl bracelet. stunning fresh water pearls alternate with diamond shaped gold links. The gold links are crafted in 18k yellow gold, just like the lobster claw clasp and pearl holders. A 750 mark and makers mark are set on this beautiful piece. This light, elegant bracelet is a pleasure to wear and brings a touch of class to your outfit. We love every little detail of it. 

    • New


    Egyptian bracelet

    For sale is this Egyptian 18K yellow gold bracelet featuring multiple typical Egyptian treasures. Namely, a Scarab, Nefertiti, a Cartouche, a Pharaoh and last but not least the Ankh symbol. Each link is well crafted and well detailed.

    -  In ancient Egypt the scarab represented rebirth and resurrection. The scarab is a type of large black dung beetle known for its habit of rolling little balls of dung across the ground.  This is part of the reason scarabs were revered by ancient Egyptians, who saw a parallel between this dung-rolling and their own sun god's daily rolling of the sun across the sky.

    -  Nefertiti, ancient queen of Egypt, it symbolises the beauty, power and regality that lies within each one of us.

    -  A cartouche was used in Ancient Egypt to indicate a royal name. It used iconic motifs as shown on the pictures.

    -  A Pharaoh that is the vernacular term often used for the monarchs of ancient Egypt, who ruled from the First Dynasty until the annexation of Egypt by the Roman Empire in 30 BC.

    -  In ancient Egypt the Ankh was the symbol representing life, the sun, rebirth and intuitive powers. It is also known as the 'Key of the Nile' and the 'Cross of Life'. On top of that it symbolizes the unity of men and women..

    Almost all parts of this lovely treasure  carries an Egyptian 18k gold mark, giving it something extra special. It takes us on a wonderful journey to this beautiful country every time we look at it.

    Total weight : 18,2 gr

    Total length : 20 cm - 7,87 inch

    Widest part of the bracelet : 2,65 cm

    Condition : Very Good - Vintage

    Material : 18K yellow gold 

    Hallmark : Egyptian 18 K hallmark