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Art Nouveau brooch

We are happy to introduce you to this work of art from the Napoleon III period during the early 20th century, also known as the late Victorian period. This collar brooch is crafted in 18 K solid gold and features a lovely floral decoration. In the center of this beauty, we find a small but colourful ruby which is the head of the hand engraved flower. four groups of seed pearls flank the central squared base. The whole is encircled by a squared shape.

The brooch is functioning and in good condition considering its age. It is equipped with a trombone Clasps. This little stunning brooch is not hallmarked but tested for 18k gold.

We love this wonderful example of an Art Nouveau brooch crafted during the late Napoleon III era in Europe. We love the way the artist united the elegant flowing natural forms with angular contours giving it a strong and magical look. We love its high and rich carat, the colour tones and of course its wonderful design. 

Total weight : 2,5 gr

Total length :  3,1 cm 

Total Width with pin :  3,35 cm 

Thickness : 1 cm

Condition : Very Good - Vintage

Material : 18K yellow gold 

Hallmark : none - spectro tested

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