Antique brooch

For sale is this stunning Victorian brooch. This royal diamond brooch was most likely made in Belgium or France in the middle of the 19th century. It is set with exceptionally large rose cut diamonds. These stunning diamonds are in very good condition and foil back set like most diamonds during that period, this is a special technique that was used to bring the lustre of the diamonds to its best quality. A crescent shape set with seven large rose cut diamonds is the central part of this piece. Floral shapes, small hand made engravings and twisted gold ropes finish off the large base of this brooch. Meanwhile small dangling flowers set with tiny rose cut diamonds ensure that this piece is a joyful treasure. This extraordinary brooch is made in 18k yellow gold and is in very good condition considering its age. We choose not to polish it in any way. This results in some parts still having their patina colours which they gained over the years.

We adore this brooch because of all its lustre, moreover what is not to love about this beauty. Furthermore because Victorian jewels like this one, are rather rare as when time passed, most are worn out, were melted or taken apart and re-used for more modern designs. We therefore chose to keep the pendant as is, meaning that we did not clean this beauty although that would be possible. If pleased, we can clean this pendant a bit before shipping it out to give it a better shine.

Width: 3,65 cm (4,25 cm with pin )

Hight: 7,45 cm

Thickness : 1,85 cm

Total weight: 18 grams

Condition : Very Good - Antique

Material : 18K gold 

Gemstones : 21 rose cut diamonds 

Hallmark : non - spectro tested

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