Bar Brooch

This wonderful Art Deco bar brooch stole our hearts the second we laid eyes on it. This antique brooch features three wonderful old European cut diamonds. Which were cut to reflect candle light in the most beautiful ways. Art deco was a popular style movement from the beginning of the 20th century. It was eclectic, art deco is a pastiche of the many different styles that preceded it. It combined previous styles with the new upcoming industrial one which was often contradictory. Traditional motifs were complemented by a tighter look that was influenced by the latest technologies opposed to art nouveau, which was very organic.

Regarding the diamonds, the centre of this lovely brooch is set with a pretty old European cut diamond with an approx weight of 0,17ct. Four rose cut diamonds flan this stone, to be flanked in turn by two single old cut diamonds. These two diamonds have a combined weight of approx. 0,06ct. We love honesty, and therefore like to mention that one of the smaller diamonds is a bit damaged at the top, a part is chipped off, this  is not that visible with the naked eye, yet we prefer to let you know.

The closure is a trombone gasp which was mainly used in Europe from the beginning till the mid-20th century. It’s an improved security on the clasp which was more fragile before. Like all things they kept improving the clasps of brooches. Later that century a new clasp was invented as a result of which this clasp was no longer made. The pin and clasp are working perfectly, not to say very well since the closure is a little stubborn and therefore very sturdy. The brooch itself is made in yellow gold, while the top of the pin is plated with rhodium to give it a white gold look.

We love this brooch because the open work gives this heavy jewel an airy look. The diamonds and geometric design ensure that this jewel is balanced and peaceful but at the same time striking and dazzling. From classic to modern, festive to casual, this antique brooch can be combined with anything.

Width : 0,8 cm

Thickness : 0,6 cm

Total length : 6 cm

Weight : 4,1 gr

Diamonds : SI/I - G/H- 0,24 ct total

Condition : Very Good - antique

Material : 18K yellow gold 

Hallmark : none - spectro tested

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