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Napoleon III locket

For sale is this wonderful 18 K gold Victorian Locket. This piece was crafted during the 19th century in France and is therefor also called a Napoleon III jewel. This rectangle locket has rounded edges, which give this beauty a soft and attractive appearance. It is decorated with stunning hand engravings on the frond and back side. While simple dots cover the back, elegant swirls and flower like shapes cover the frond.

This stunning locket is hallmarked with French eagle heads and is in good condition considering its age. It has some dents, as you can see on the pictures and short video. We love every little detail of this beauty. It is well detailed, has a joyful appearance and provides to option to keep your loved once close to your heart. 

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1,9 cm - 0,74 inch
3,65 cm - 1,44 inch
4,2 gr

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