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Victorian Locket

For sale is this lovely French yellow gold locket. This 18 carat beauty is covered with a stunning star topped with a pearl, the guiding star. This antique pendant is most likely crafted around the end of the 19the century, the beginning of the 20th century. In this period Queen Victoria lost her beloved King Albert, therefore mourning jewellery became more popular in this period. Because of this, a locket like this one, is a traditionally loving gift to love, honour and remember a loved one. This locket ensures you that you are able to carry your loved once close to your heart. It is hallmarked with a French eagle head and detailed with subtle engravings and studs. 

This dainty locket is in good condition considering its age as clearly visible in the pictures and short movie. We love every little detail of this floral locket pendant and hope to find a new and warm home for it, where it will be treasured the way t should be treasured.  

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2,6 cm 1,02 inch
5,5 cm - 2,15 inch
8,1 gr

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