Innocence is a Belgian high standard jewellery brand. It's always made out of 18k gold, set with the highest quality diamonds and engraved with the unique innocence logo. They try to symbolizes the stories of strong woman: discrete, realistic, pure style and an elegant look. This pendant also includes all these characteristics. 


It’s a white gold pendant with a beautiful detailed backside. The front is covered with a total of fifty seven diamonds. Hereof twenty seven are brilliant cut black diamonds which combine for approximately 0.54ct. The other diamonds are brilliant cuts as well but are a little bit bigger to create a nice contrast and combine for approximately 0.9ct. The black diamonds are bead and bright set around the clustered pavé set diamonds in the middle. Because they are so close together, the entire surface displays an unlikely glare thanks to the reflecting light. 


We love this pendant because it’s a tranquil and elegant jewel that will nevertheless attract attention. Additional because the finishing has been thought through down to the last detail and last but not least because we love sparkly things. 


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