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For sale is this lovely diamond set heart pendant. This pendant is the perfect gift for yourself or someone else you love very much. Nothing more beautiful than love wich can be captured into a pendant you can wear close to you. 


The heart depicted in this pendant has a braided look. These braids are set with tinny but shiney diamonds. In between the braiding, there are larger diamonds set to create an even bigger amount of sparkles. Because the pendant is hollow, it does not weigh too much and is therefore the perfect pendant to wear every day.


This heart is completely made out of 18k yellow gold and set with fifty-nine pretty diamonds. Thirteen of these stunning diamonds are bigger and combine for approximately 0.35ct. In addition, there are two diamonds at the bottom of this pendant that are a little larger than most, they combine for approximately 0.02ct. The other forty-four diamonds combine for approximately 0.22ct.


We love this pendant because it has the perfect size. it’s small, yet It looks bigger because the pendant has a rounder shape. This pendant is subtle and elegant around your neck although it will steal the show if you want it to. You can combine this heart to your heart’s content and that’s kind of the main reason we like this heart so much.


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P 24


15,3 mm
21,5 mm
8 mm
3,8 gr
0,59 ct

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