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For sale is this unique and powerful Egyptian charm which is one of our new favourites! It is crafted in 18 ct yellow gold and depict a magnificent Ankh, in ancient Egypt, the symbol was representing life, the sun, rebirth and intuitive powers. It is also known as the 'Key of the Nile' and the 'Cross of Life'. On top of that it symbolizes the unity of men and women. This hollow beauty has a very light dent on the front side, right where the hallmark was struck on the backside. It is marked with an Egyptian 18K gold mark.

This pendant can be your true protector or the best gift you ever gave to your loved one or best friend!

Total weight : 1 gr 

Total length : 2,3 cm 

Total Width : 0,7 cm

Condition : Very Good - vintage

Material : 18K yellow gold 

Hallmark : Egyptian 18k mark

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