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For sale is this unique and powerful Egyptian charm which is one of our new favourites! It is crafted in 18 ct yellow gold and depict a magnificent scarab, in ancient Egypt, the scarab represented rebirth and resurrection. The scarab is a type of large black dung beetle known for its habit of rolling little balls of dung across the ground. This is part of the reason scarabs were revered by ancient Egyptians, who saw a parallel between this dung-rolling and their own sun god's daily rolling of the sun across the sky. This 3D beauty is very well detailed on the frond and backside. It is marked with an Egyptian 18K gold mark.

This pendant can be your true protector or the best gift you ever gave to your loved one or best friend!

Total weight : 1,8 gr 

Total length : 2,55 cm 

Total Width : 1,1 cm

Condition : Very Good - vintage

Material : 18K yellow gold 

Hallmark : Egyptian 18k mark

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