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For sale are these cute French Napoleon III earrings. These 18 ct yellow gold earrings are very light and therefor pleasant to wear. They are decorated with two small seed pearls and two small pearls held in little claw like settings. The fine details are well made and preserved considering their age. On top of that, they are marked with French eagle heads.

The earrings have a typical way to open and close, which will be hard in the beginning if this would be your first pair like this. But it will get easier and easier to put them on, up to the point where you will prefer this type of earring-closure over all the rest.

These lovely earrings where made during the 19th century, when Queen Victoria was the ruler of the United Kingdom. Queen Victoria was an influential person. Her style and sense of fashion became almost a benchmark during her reign. Queen Victoria has devoted much attention on bringing nature into her home and that of her nation throughout her reign. For example plants but also animals were often depicted in her jewellery but also as decoration on furniture and other utensils.

We love everything about these elegant earrings. Their size, weight and look make them the perfect pair to wear daily & will make you feel special and elegant, just like the earrings.

Width : 0,4 cm

Drop length : 1,1 cm

Total Weight : 0,6 gr

Condition : Very Good - antique

Material : 18K yellow gold 

Hallmark : French eagle head- 18 K gold

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