For sale are these adorable antique earrings crafted during the Georgian era 1714-1830. These beauties are set with foil-backed rose cut diamonds, arranged in a flower formation. The gemstones are set in silver backed with gold as was typical at this time because jewellers believed that silver was the only material able to enhance the beauty of diamonds. We have to admit that it is a wonderful combination and a very recognisable combination to this Georgian era. The gold layer on the back was to prevent the wearers skin to turn black from the silver, very smart right? They bear no hallmark but we believe that they are of Dutch or Belgium origin with later replaced screw back in 14 ct yellow gold.

We love the overall look of these Georgian beauties. Their floral and elegant shape, their warm look and their recognisable combination of silver and rose cut diamonds. It is a wonderful pair to wear for any special occasion or to wear just everyday, thanks to their screw back closure you don't need pierced ears to wear and enjoy these lovely antique earrings. 

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1,7 cm
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