This stunning mid-century asymmetric yet repetitive ring is a real stunner. This beauty is made in 14k white gold and holds the most beautiful gemstones of them all, diamonds. In contradiction to most cluster rings, is this ring not only set with brilliant cut diamonds. Baguette cut diamonds also adorn the jewel. All these diamonds are prong set so the light has as many angles as possible to fall into them, so they can on their turn reflect it as much as possible. The sparkly brilliance of this ring is incredible.


In the length of the ring we find a slight S-shaped wave existing out of seven diamonds. These seven diamonds become slightly larger towards the center. We believe that this creates an extra dimension. in addition to this center line, a shorter line is attached to this center line on either side. They each consist of three brilliant cut diamonds that connect to a fourth of the S-shaped. These lines are opposites to each other and therefore create a playful and chaotic balance. All these brilliant cut diamonds combine for approximately 1.55ct. 


On each side this S-shaped line is ornamented with six gorgeous baguette cut diamonds. These narrow diamonds make sure this stunning ring has a unique look and fill up the empty spaces in between the brilliant lines. They ensure an almost round shaped ring head by their precisely chosen placement. Here too the creator uses different sizes of diamonds, and we like it. These baguette cut diamonds combine for approximately 0.8ct.


We love this stunner because this ring really has it all. The maker of this ring did not only play with size and shape, but also with height and rotation. Because of this you can almost see the light playing between these beautiful diamonds. This ring is playful and striking without losing class. It is the eye-catcher that will brighten up all your outfits. 


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R 45 - M


19,9 mm
18,4 mm
59 FR 8 3/4 US
0 gr
0 ct

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