This lovely clustered ring is set with a stunning brilliant shaped diamond in the center. This prong set diamond has all the opportunities to steal the show thanks to its setting. It’s elevated and therefore the light can hit the diamond on all its facets while the diamond can reflect this light in every direction. On top of it, these reflections can be reflected in their turn by the stunning single cut diamonds encircling it. Eight of these diamonds are bright-cut set in a white gold setting. They become one with their setting and form thereby the most beautiful flower leafs. This makes the center of this ring look like a stunning lovely daisy in full bloom.


These leafs are in turn encircled by eight stunning single cut diamonds. Just like the stunning one in the center, these diamonds are prong set. To make this ring even more beautiful and flower like, the designer surrounded these outer prong set diamond with a bended stroke of white gold. As a result the ring has a softer look because there are no sharp edges and as a bonus the ring appears larger. Finally the creator chose to flank this stunning clustered flower with two more single cut diamonds. These diamonds ensure you that there is almost no white gold to be seen next to the flower. The only thing you see are sparkling diamonds lighting up the room.


We love this majestic ring of approximately 1.1 ct because we have rarely seen a lovely and romantic ring like this. It is a delicate yet striking ring with a beautiful amount of diamonds and sparkle. The shapes of this ring are diverse and yet they all match. This ring makes us dream of romantic proposals and loving relationships. This ring stands for romance for yourself and others but also for the love that we find everywhere around us. When we look at this ring we spontaneously become happy and go through our day with a smile.


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R 37 - m


19 mm
15,5 mm
5,7 gr
1,1 ct

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