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This lovely yellow gold cluster ring is set with seven diamonds. In the centre of the ring head we find a brilliant cut diamond which is slightly bigger than the six diamonds encircling it. These six smaller diamonds are all single cut. These pretty diamonds are all set in a star-shaped white gold setting which make these diamonds appear slightly bigger than they are. On top of that, they sparkle more and have a more special look. These diamonds are placed on a flower looking star-shaped plateau. This plateau is encircled by two lovely decorated circles. 


The combination between the white settings and diamonds in combination with the yellow gold is just lovely. We like the contrast, while the ring still radiates tranquility. Additionally we like its magnitude. When you wear this ring, you will see a little bit of the ring itself on both sides, which makes the ring head even more beautiful. Furthermore, this ring head takes the right proportion to your finger. This ring will fit you like a glove.


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R 29


12,9 mm
3,39 gr
0,19 ct

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