This lovely illusion setting holds a 0.17 ct brilliant cut diamond. This beauty is set with eight prongs holding him by pairs. Therefore it looks like only four wide prongs are lifting the diamond up in the air. Because of the illusion setting, with engravings in the plateau which are attached to the prongs, the diamond appears bigger, which we like. When you look at the jewel from the side it has a very architectural look. 


We love this 18k white gold ring because it is classy, timeless and slim and there for elegant. On top of that this pretty ring is versatile thanks to its special setting. Besides this setting ensures the diamond to appear larger with the advantage that this diamonds also can sparkle more. After all a solitaire is always pretty, just like this one.  


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R 30 - M


6,2 mm
6,1 mm
0 gr
0 ct

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