1,12 ct Architectural cluster ring.

This architectural ring is a real feast for the eyes. This beautiful hand made ring has a very full appearance thanks to the expanding prongs. These prongs form parallel lines perpendicular on the head of the ring. They are in a way connecting the ring head to the ring itself in a decorative way which they extend into the design off the ring itself. These multi-purpose prongs hold three layers of diamonds. In the center we find a brilliant cut diamond of approximately 0.11ct. This beauty is encircled by six other brilliant cut diamonds which combine for approximately 0.36ct. As if this were not enough, these seven diamonds are encircled in their turn by twelve brilliant cut diamonds combining for approximately 0.65ct.


We love this ring because it has a stunning amount of sparkles. On top of that the diamonds in this ring are all about the same size giving it a satisfying look. Thanks to its even proportions this ring almost looks like a solitaire. Additionally to these stunning diamonds is the design of the ring itself remarkable. Such as the elevations in this ring-head, they make sure this beautiful jewel isn’t boring at all. Thanks to the different height levels that are used to style the diamonds, the ring has a different look every time you look at it from an other angle. This all ensures this ring to be your next must-have jewel. 


R 40
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14 mm
5,88 gr
1,12 ct

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