3.08 ct Edwardian cluster ring.

For sale is this stunning antique sapphire and diamond cluster ring. This exquisite ring is set with old European cut sapphires which were cut by hand and are therefore all unique. This type of cut made its debut in the 19th century. In between these stunning gemstones Swiss cut diamonds lighten up this beautiful ring. This type of diamond cut was found in the late 19th, early 20th century. They were used as small side-stones to give a jewel an extra amount of sparkle and class. Mostly they were smaller than all the other gemstones in a jewel, just like they are here. Later on there roll as ‘extra sparklers’ was taken over by the modern single cut shaped diamonds.


In combination with the old European cut sapphires, we can be sure this ring was made around 1900 and therefore made by hand and a one of a kind jewel. It is in a very pristine condition consistent with age and wear. During King Edward's reign a lot of jewels contained a lot more and bigger gemstones, like these ones. Next to these extra amounts of sparkles, the use of a monochromic white gold or platinum was preferred in addition to a lot of flower like forms, just like in this white gold ring. Furthermore we are blown away by the details of this stunning jewel. The head holding all these diamonds has a starburst looking shape and gives this ring that extra stunning touch. On top of that provides this crown dark holes between the prong settings of the outer circle of sapphires, making this halo made of sapphires looking like an almost full circle. 


These nine stunning sapphires combine for approximately 2.2ct while the pretty diamonds combine for approximately 0.88ct. This tremendous amount of carats ensures that we find this ring overwhelming. This majestic ring is a real eye-catcher despite its peaceful appearance that it acquires through the sapphires. Thanks to the use of these sapphires, the ring is not a gigantic, literally dazzling sparkling bulb, but a classy flower that will overwhelm you with its beauty every day. We love this ring and hope that this beautiful piece unique will get an equally beautiful woman as a new owner who loves it as much as we do.


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18,7 mm
9,6 gr
3,08 ct

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