This beautiful 18k white gold raindrop is a pleasure to the eye. This incredible amount of sparkle and wavy shapes ensure that this beautiful pendant can become your new favourite jewel. This beautiful raindrop-shaped piece is set with one hundred and nine brilliant cut diamonds which combine for approximately 0,95ct. These diamonds are divided over eight wavy strips. Each strip is scallop set with these diamonds, so that they are close to each other and thus create the illusion that these strips consist of one elongated diamond.

Not only these diamonds shine in the light, the inside of the jewel does as well. It shines through the open spaces of the pendant thanks to their polished finish. The goldsmith, who made this pendant, has not only thought about the placement of stones and the choice of materials for the pendant. He also thought about its shape. For example, the eyelet is incorporated in the many diamond set strips so that, unlike many pendants, it forms a whole. As a result the raindrop seems to almost float around your neck instead of hanging on a chain.

We love the shape of this sparkly pendant as well as its simplicity despite the fact that this is actually a sophisticated shape. Additionally this pendant becomes more enchanted every time you watch it move. You can really see the light playing inside the pendant as well as with the diamonds on top of it. In our opinions you cannot doe anything wrong with combining this pendant. She is always classy, chic and elegant. 

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