Snake Ring

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For sale is this lovely snake ring crafted in 18 ct yellow gold. This handmade beauty is set with two brilliant cut diamonds which combine for approximately 0,04ct. we love the way these two diamonds are set in star shaped settings, they make these diamonds sparkle even brighter then they would without these settings. This ring is most likely crafted during the Art Deco period. Yet this ring finds its origin in the Victorian Era. Queen Victoria, who was very respected and a true fashion icon during her reign, wore one herself. She received it from her Prince-to-be Albert as an engagement ring. It stands as a sign of eternal love, especially because she wore it until death. 


This pure sign of eternal love is one of our favourites. We are in love with the details, its incredible history and its strong appearance. We believe this is a piece of jewellery every romantic and strong woman should have. It can be the perfect gift to yourself or the person you love most. 


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52 FR - 6 US
3,28 gr
0,04 ct

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