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This stunning in Italy made necklace is made out of 18k yellow gold. The necklace depicts two small, elegant hands holding a marquise cut sapphire. These hands are made with the greatest care, they are finished to perfection. The small fingernails have a bright polish finish while the rest of the hand is brushed. There are wonderfully finished sleeves around the wrists of these hands. The sleeves are polished as bright as the fingernails and are decorated with four small old European cut diamonds on each side. These eight diamonds combine for approximately 0.54ct, the marquise sapphire is approximately 0.07ct.


This exquisite jewel is made by Donati & Spina who lived in Arezzo, Italy during the 20th century. We can tell by the maker’s mark they left on this necklace. This mark also learns us this maker’s mark was first used in 1959. Only the best skilled goldsmiths were able to get a maker’s mark during this period. When we look closely at this jewel, we can only say that they certainly earned this mark.


Thanks to the old European cut diamonds, which are all cut by hand with mostly self-made tools and the certainty that this necklace was made by a skilled goldsmith, this necklace is unique. No one in this world will have the exact same necklace which makes this prodigious jewel only more beautiful.


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26,5 mm
16 mm
430 mm
3,85 gr
0,61 ct