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For sale is this lovely mother Mary charm. This French charm depicts a lovely hand engraved Virgin Mary. This protecting medallion is crafted in 18 ct gold, has a bright and warm look, yet we like to let you know that the charm is bend all over the place. It is a thin plate which has been worn and loved a lot.

This lovely charm is marked with a French horse head, this particular hors-head hallmark is a French hallmark that was set in gold jewelry between 1838 and 1919. The maker of this charm was a true artist, and made it completely by hand. He chose a star burst background to give it a stronger appearance. The back of this charm is engraved with the name 'Juliette' and the date '28 June 1898'. 

We love every little detail of this marvellous pendant. Its warm colour, its hand work and the fact that this pendant has a beautiful age. This pendant will be a wonderful addition to your antique collection or can be a perfect gift to protect the person you love most.

Total weight : 1,1 gr

Total length :  2,9 cm

Total Width :  1,6 cm

Condition : Very Good - antique

Material : 18K rose gold 

Hallmark : French horse head

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