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Heart locket

For sale is this vintage 1940's heart locket. This 18 K yellow gold locket is decorated with many a lovely half seedpearll in its center. This little pearl is set in a starburst setting. An ivy-leaf themed wreath encircles the whole. Ivy leafs stand for the connection and bands you have with family and friends. Because nothing can separate ivy from its host once it has once embraced it, similar to real friendships and a family band. 

This locket is marked with a French eagle head. This beauty is in good condition considering its age and fully equipped with all the attributes to keep two photo's safe. Two small gold frames will hold the pictures of your loved ones in place. A locket like this one, is a traditionally loving gift to love, honour and remember a loved one. This locket ensures you that you are able to carry your loved once close to your heart. We love every little detail of this small locket pendant and hope to find a new and warm home for it, where it will be treasured the way t should be treasured.

Pendant width : 1,85 cm

Total length : 2,6 cm 

Total Weight : 2,8 gr

Condition : Very Good - vintage

Material : 18K yellow gold 

Hallmark : French eagle head

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