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For sale is this beautiful antique diamond set bracelet. This handmade beauty is crafted in 18k yellow gold and platinum like most Edwardian jewellery. King Edward was the son and successor of Queen Victoria. When he became King, he was already leader of a fashionable elite. Thanks to his fashion consciousness and the use of Platinum that has never been used before, the jewels crafted during his short reign were glamorous and refined yet delicate and airier. This new metal and the fashion sense of the King translated itself in openwork lace jewellery existing detailed with mille grain. Mille grain are little studs on the edges which gave a jewel some extra eye-catching shiny details. Mille grains are not the only characteristics of Edwardian jewels, also the monochromatic white look of these jewels is typical. In addition to the white looking platinum, they mainly used diamonds and pearls which have the same colour scheme. 


Just like this open lace bracelet. This stunner is airy, there are some Mille grains and it is finished with platinum to set the beautiful old rose cut diamonds. These rose cut diamonds were cut by hand and therefore all unique. This bracelet is set with a bigger rose cut diamond. On top of this sparking gemstone, eight others flake it in their settings finished with mille grain. These eight rose cut diamonds are smaller, but they provide some extra sparkles.


We love this glamorous bracelet. It fits any outfit, it is small yet sparkly and classy. It has everything an antique bracelet should have.   


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Br 3


14,61 cm - 5.7 inch
9,1 gr

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