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These beautiful art deco halo cufflinks are hand crafted around 1900. We can tell by the use of these beautiful old rose cut diamonds, old mine cut rubies and the technique used to place them. In the centre of each cufflink we find an old mine cut ruby of approximately 1 ct. These stunning rubies are both surrounded by twelve rose cut diamonds. These diamonds are smaller but as lovely and combine for approximately 0.1ct. These diamonds make sure this ring is pretty, but also unique. Rose cut diamonds were cut by hand with self made tools, this means every diamond cutter around 1900 used a different technique with different tools. You will not be able to find the exact same cufflinks because of that!

We love these stunning art deco cufflinks because they are eye-catcher worthy jewels. On top of this they are also unique, there is only one pair like this in the world, you may find look-a-likes but they will never be exactly the same. These colourful antique cufflinks will brighten up your outfit or just enhance it, they can stand out or just fit into the entire picture. We think you can combine these wonderful cufflinks to your heart's content, they never looks out of place.

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C 1


10 mm
3,49 gr
2,2 ct

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