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For sale is this Antique mother Mary charm. Maris Stella is an ancient Latin title for the Virgin Mary, freely translated to 'Star of the Sea'. An other well known 'Stella Maris' is the North star, which has guided many sailors through sea storms, like Virgin Mary guides Christian trough the storms of their lives. A raised bust of the Veiled Virgin Mary in a satin finish steals the show in front of the little stars on the background and the decorated border with the words ' Maris Stella'. This love medallion is crafted in 18 ct yellow gold around the 1920's and hallmarked with a French eagle head & a makers mark. The back of this pendant has a plain space with a holy grail and host on top next to some lovely flowers.

This Virgin Mary charm is a perfect gift. It will protect the person you love! We think this pendant has the right size and appearance to combine to your heart's content with other charms as it is currently in fashion. 

Width : 1,75 cm 

Total length : 2,6 cm 

Total Weight : 3,9 gr

Condition : Very Good - Antique

Material : 18K yellow gold 

Hallmark : French eagle head

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