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Italian toll

For sale is this wonderful Italian pendant with stunning bright colours thanks to the lovely blue turquoise and deep red coral. This vintage Italian charm is intricately detailed, which we like a lot, and features 11 turquoise cabochons and the same amount corals. One side of the pendant has the same stones set in the same pairs, the other side has the cabochons alternating. This stunning charm is crafted in 18k gold and is hallmarked with a 750 mark and a makers-stamp of a skilled goldsmith from Arezzo from before 1970.

We love this pendant because it is colourful and wel detailed. We think this exquisite pendant has the right size and appearance to combine to your heart's content with other charms as it is currently in fashion.

Pendant diameter : 2,5 cm

Total length : 3,8 cm

Total Weight : 9,1 gr

P 734
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