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Stick pin

For sale is this romantic Victorian lovers knot pin. This lovely antique 18k yellow gold pin is super cute and elegant thanks to its small rose cut diamond. This lovely pin is not in its original state as visible

Queen Victoria, who reigned during the 19th century, was an influential person. Her style and sense of fashion became almost a benchmark during her reign. Queen Victoria has devoted much attention on bringing nature into her home and that of her nation throughout her reign. For example plants but also animals were often depicted in her jewellery but also as decoration on furniture and other utensils. Looking like a little flower in bloom, we believe this pin fits this floral era.

We love this little but bright pin because its details and strong appearance. It will be the perfect touch of gold to brighten up your outfit or in combination with or without any other jewel. 

Total weight : 1,6 gr

Total length : 7,1 cm

Total Width : 1,2 cm

B 34
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