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Charms are a real trend right now, and thank goodness they are, because we love them! Just like we love this little Italian cross pendant. 


This pendant is set with six stunning gemstones. In the middle we find a carre cut diamond. This stunning diamond is channel set just like the other gemstones placed downwards in this pendant. Therefore you don't see any prongs or other materials in between them. This beautiful diamond has an approximate weight of 0.06ct. The five other gemstones are carre cut sapphires which combine for approximately 0.3ct. The sapphires placed downwards are just like the diamond channel set. The two outer sapphires are bezel set, as you can see in the pictures.


We love this 18k yellow gold cross charm because it's pretty, small and cute but also it contains stunning carre cut gemstones. And what's more beautiful than stunning gemstones put together? Moreover, when you hold this cute charm against the light, the dark blue sapphires catch the light and become light blue. It’s almost magical.

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7,5 mm
16,2 mm
1,1 gr
0,36 ct

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