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This French Huguenot cross is crafted in 18 K solid gold and depict a cross and a dove. This pendant is full of symbolic meanings. First of all we have the Maltese cross as an eminent symbol of the Christian faith. Then we have the boutonné, the eight points on the ends of the cross, symbolizing the eight Beatitudes. Furthermore we see 4 fleur-de-lys in between the arms of the cross, They each have 3 petals; the total of twelve petals of the fleur-de-lys signify the twelve apostles. And on top of that, between each fleur-de-lys and the arms of the Maltese cross is an open space in the form of a heart, which represents loyalty. Lastly we see a very detailed dove on the bottom, also called a "Saint Esprit" thanks to a bible story where a dove of saint esprit descended from heaven to our earth with wings spread. This was seen as a sign of power and as a symbol of love.

We love this true sign of love, faith and loyalty and think it will fit any outfit perfectly! It is marked with a French eagle head and a makers mark. We believe this is a true treasure with a warm and powerful meaning.

Width : 1.55 cm 

Total length : 3 cm 

Total Weight : 1,2 gr

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