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Catholic charm

For sale is this stunning hand engraved mother Mary charm. This round charm depicts a lovely hand engraved Virgin Mary in front of a sunburst background. This Antique protecting medallion is crafted in 18 ct gold and has a bright and warm look. The maker of this charm has chosen a pinkish gold to make this beauty.

Our heart skipped a beat when we first saw the back of this precious charm. It is engraved with the initials R & P. We love charms with engravings, especially when they are placed by hand. This little thin charm is in good condition considering its age, it has been loved and worn before which result in some small dents, as visible in the pictures. We adore it regardless, we maybe even love it more because of these small dents, it tells a story.

We love every little detail of this marvellous pendant. Its warm colour, its hand work and the fact that this pendant has a beautiful age. This pendant will be a wonderful addition to your antique collection or can be a perfect gift to protect the person you love most. 

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2 cm - 0,78 inch
0,15 cm - 0,06 inch
2,7 cm - 1,06 inch
1,8 gr

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