Extraordinary cocktailring

This extraordinary ring is set with the brightest diamonds and a stunning oval cut sapphire. This sapphire is set with twelve prongs and has a weight of approximately 2 ct. twelve beautiful brilliant cut diamonds encircle the elevated sapphire. These diamonds combine for approx 1.32 ct and are in turn encircled by stunning diamonds. These encircling diamonds have a tapered baguette cut and are placed on a wavy third level. On this level there are four waves of which the highest points can always be found at the outermost points of the ring giving it an even stronger appearance. These thirty-six special cut tapered baguettes combine for approximately 2.56 ct.


It is not only the beautiful gemstones that make this ring a wonderful ring. Also the way these beautiful gemstones are placed deserve praise. The prongs continue to the ring itself, giving this majestic ring an architectural appearance. The many lines also give the ring extra dimension. But also ensure that this heavy ring remains airy, both literally and figuratively. This stunning jewel looks different from all viewpoints, but remains wonderfully beautiful and classy from every point.


We just love this magnificent cocktail ring. This splendor has it all. It is large and sparkling, making it an eye-catcher. Its design is special but not too special, making it timeless. It holds a beautiful sapphire that becomes even more beautiful thanks to the equally beautiful diamonds around it. These diamonds give this beautiful ring the perfect amount of sparkle. This jewel is elegant, classy, ​​timeless, sparkling and everything we dream of. This ring can be the perfect gift for your lover or yourself because we are sure this ring will light up the owners day every time she looks at it. This majestic jewel is just perfect.


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21,3 mm
23 mm
13,2 gr
5,88 ct

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