1.7ct Diamond cluster ring.

This gorgeous 1.7 ct diamond cluster ring is prong set with twenty five brilliant cut diamonds. The centre diamond of approximately 0.66 ct is placed higher than the other diamonds. This stunning prong set stone is encircled with eight smaller diamonds which combine for circa 0,56 ct. These clustered diamonds are placed as close to each other as possible, yet there are still cavities between these eight gemstones. This is not the case with the outer circle, here the diamonds form an almost perfect circle. These diamonds are much smaller than all the other diamonds, yet they must not be inferior to the others because of their large number. They combine for circa 0.48 ct. 


Not only the proportions of the sizes of diamonds, but also the choice to use a different amount of diamonds per circle ensure that the ring gets a special appearance. The outer diamonds appear almost like a halo. This halo seems to hold a beautiful diamond flower with eight petals. These well-chosen forms give the ring a majestic look.


We love this white gold ring cause it’s classy, elegant, it has an incredible amount of sparkle and the clustered shape is different from others thanks to its outer halo. We like jewels which follow trends but separates itself from others through small and sometimes slightly larger details like this outstanding clustered ring.


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13,2 mm
5,10 gr
1,7 ct

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