2,9 ct Fancy yellow diamond ring.

This exquisite ring is set with seven stunning pear shaped fancy diamonds. These stunning diamonds have a very good quality and a beautiful light yellow colour. This sparkling bow of diamonds combines for approximately 2.9 ct which is a dazzling amount for a ring with only seven stones. These beauties are all prong-set next to each other, yet they are slightly staggered. Despite the shifts, there is practically no 18k white gold to be seen between the fancy diamonds. They almost seem to float on your finger which makes them even more adorable. 


Fancy diamonds are more rare than natural diamonds, in fact they say that only one diamond in every ten-thousand can be classed as a fancy coloured one. These stunning kinds of diamonds were formed in almost the same way as natural diamonds, under a lot of pressure and over billions of years. Yet something went slightly different during their growth, such as exposure to heat or natural radiation. Sometimes saturation of a natural element is the cause of its colour, this is also the case with these stunning yellow diamonds. When a diamond has a yellow colour, it was saturated with nitrogen during its grow proces. As you can see, these exceptional processes ensure that diamonds obtain beautiful colors, we can only thank nature for it.


We are truly in love with this ring and its magnificent diamonds. Nothing more beautiful than the elegance of a diamond, except a gorgeous setting to fit an elegant diamond and create a balanced sparkle. We believe the creator of this ring has succeeded in this purpose. The diamonds stand out perfectly and form a beautifully coherent whole. The pear shapes give the ring a more special look, which we think is certainly not bad considering that these diamonds themselves are equally unique and special. This stunner will be a little bit of sunshine around your finger. It will lighten up your outfit, mood and life. It is a real eye-catcher and due to its timeless elegance, beautiful colours and balanced appearance. It is the most wonderful gift you can give yourself or loved one


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19,6 mm
9,6 mm
7,08 gr
2,9 ct

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