Antique Hoops

For sale are these absolute beauties dating back to the Victorian ear. These 18 ct rose gold earrings are hallmarked with a horse head and are therefore crafted between 1838 and 1919. These double hooped earrings are decorated with flowers and leafs. On each side of the earrings we find four small dots giving the earrings an extra special and noticeable look. Considering their age and fragility, they are in very good condition. Nevertheless there are some small dents on the sides of the hoops as you can see in the pictures.

These handmade beauties make our heart beat faster. We love their charm and elegance, the very detailed flowers and leafs and of course their age. Thanks to their light weight, they are a joy to wear all day everyday. 

E 20
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1,5 cm
1,8 cm
1,4 gr

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