Victorian opera glasses

This wonderful high society opera lorgnette is crafted out of 18 ct yellow gold in France around 1860. This lovely detailed throughout attribute is engraved by hand and has a very royal appearance. Like most Victorian jewelry, in the center of this glasses-cover we find a graceful elevated floral leaf spectacle that is surrounded by elegant and floral curls. The many details and all the extra small engravings ensure that this large pendant is breathtakingly beautiful.


This Victorian heirloom is marked with French eagle heads and a makers mark. The glasses itself are in a very good condition considering their age. There are no big damages in the glass, only some small scratches and spots like you can see in the pictures. These folding glasses are provided with a hidden activation lever for the spring-load mechanism, so the glasses pop open once you pressed this release clasp. 


This type of accessory were a common sight at the opera and theatre during the 19th century. They were the stylish and royal precursor to modern opera glasses. Freely translate the french word lorgnette means 'to eye furtively' meaning it was used for more than only to see the opera itself. Especially by this curios rich ladies in the balconies who, due to etiquette, were not allowed to look behind them to discover who entered their box and with whom this new spectator came to see the opera. Therefor they used these glasses as a secret mirror too, using the glasses reflection. I just tried it and I was amazed by the fact that it worked perfectly.


We love this wonderful antique pair of usable glasses that would also be a perfect addition to your Victorian vignette.


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