Antique Earrings

We are thrilled to show you these magnificent Dutch heirlooms. These antique earrings are crafted in 18 ct yellow, patina champagne-toned gold. These earrings were most likely crafted at the end of the 19th century around 1880. They were worn by women in some parts of the Netherlands and represent the rich cultural heritage the Netherlands has to offer.

The champagne tone bases are covered with very well detailled flowers holding a rose cut paste stone. These two flowers with many leafs are 3D placed on top of the bases. The top of each earring holds a white natural, claw set pearl. These long earrings are light and therefore the perfect earrings to wear all day long. They will move and swing smoothly while you are walk around to show them off, like they should.

We love these European beauties, which date back to the Victorian era, because they represent everything that was common during this period. We adore its grandeur, the elegant shapes and floral forms that are very well created and preserved. These earrings are in great condition, especially considering their age.

Top to bottom : 4 cm

Side to side : 1,55 cm

Front to back : 0,5 cm

Thickness base : 0,01 cm 

Total Weight : 2,3 gr

Condition : Very Good - Antique

Material : 18 K gold

Hallmark : None - Spectro tested for 18k

E 140
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