Signet ring

For sale is this wonderful large sized signet ring. This 18 K handmade stunner is a real sign of nobility and status which is perfect to wear with your favorite statement outfit. Signet rings were first worn in the ancient times to seal a letter or leave a signature since most people were illiterate, so a symbol as an identification made sense. The base of this magnificent ring is made in yellow gold, while the central part is made in a more orange hued gold and encircled with a white gold line to make this ring even more special. This signet ring depicts a striped crest, on top of that we see a royal crown. Below we read the words ' Fidelitas mea lex '.  We adore this incredible signet ring which is most likely crafted at the second half of the 20th century. This beauty is in good condition, has a wonderful patina and carries a 0,750 mark.

If you like a good layer of Patina as much as we do, then this stunning signet ring will be a right fit for you. This little eye catcher can become the most fabulous heirloom in your collection. This ring is a true pleasure to wear, it has a nice weight to it and therefore feels luxurious not to say royal. We believe that this intaglio ring is a unisex piece, a perfect piece for your favorite male person. And a real bad ass boss babe ring for your favorite boss babe. Wearing this ring will make you feel strengthened and royal. 

Total weight : 18 gr

Ring head height : 17 mm

ring size : 7 1/2 US - 56 French

Condition : Very Good - Vintage

Material : 18K yellow gold 

Hallmark : 0,750

R 240
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