Antique Sautoir

For sale is this lovely 18 K yellow gold Sautoir necklace that can be worn as a single or double stand thanks to an extra hoop in the middle of the necklace. This elegant necklace consists out alternating simpler and fancy looking links with lovely filligree scroll decorations and millgrain details. The chain has one larger spring ring with a diameter of 1,1cm which is hallmarked with a French eagle & boar head. the chain itself is hallmarked with a Rhino head and multiple horse head marks. This particular hors-head hallmark is a French hallmark that was set in gold jewelry between 1838 and 1919. Meaning that this sautoir is dating back to the French Napoleon III period during English Queen Victoria's reign.

This is a stylish statement necklace with a wonderful look and feel. It is the perfect necklace to wear plain because it is a real eye-catcher on its own. Although you can combine it to your hearts content if you please, it is a versatile necklace that will fit any occasion, outfit and combination. Therefore we adore everything about this beauty, its royal material, warm look and elegant details. It’s perfectly in balance and therefor classy yet playful and young. It is a stunning necklace that will give you a sweet romantic look. Besides gold is always the right colour to combine with any outfit.

Necklace length : 155 cm - 61,02 inch 

Width : 0,59 cm

Total Weight : 46,7 gr

Condition : Very Good 

Material : 18K yellow gold 

Hallmark : French Horse head

N 106
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