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For sale is this stunning Victorian sautoir, which means it is a very long necklace made out of beads, pearls or chains. This french term means literately jumping rope. This long necklace is crafted in France 18 ct yellow gold and is hallmarked with a French eagle head. The details of this stunning sautoir are wonderful, each panel is set with swirl filigree details. This beautiful necklace is 1,65 meter long and can be worn at least twice around the neck or left as a long chain. It is the perfect necklace to wear plain because it is a real eye-catcher on its own. Although you can combine it to your hearts content, it is a versatile necklace that will fit any occasion, outfit and combination.

We adore everything about this beauty, its royal material, warm look and elegant details. It’s perfectly in balance and therefor elegant yet playful and young. It is a cute necklace that will give you a sweet romantic look. Besides gold is always the right colour to combine with any outfit.

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N 79


165 cm - 64,96 Inch
0,7 cm - 0,28 Inch
20,6 gr

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