Filigree necklace

For sale is this stunning filigree necklace that is crafted in 18 K yellow gold. The round filigree chains are very detailed and breathtaking thanks to its many details like their millegrains, curly shapes and of course their small seed pearls. Together with smaller simple links they form this drapery necklace. These links add the right portion of elegance to this necklace that falls elegant around the neck. This Collar dates back to circa 1905 , to the Art deco and Belle Epoque period.

We adore everything about this beauty, its royal material, warm look and elegant details. It’s perfectly in balance and therefor elegant yet playful and young. It is a cute necklace that will give you a sweet romantic look. Besides gold is always the right colour to combine with any outfit.

N 26
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43 cm
4,17 gr

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