Holy Chalice

This lovely 18 ct yellow gold medal features a chalice, which is a cup often use for drinking during a religious ceremony. On each side of the chalice, ears of corns and grapes were engraved, to symbolise the bread and wine. Moreover, we see a host sparkling above the chalice. This Antique pendant has a floral and warm look thanks to the floral decoration encircling this religious scene.

The chalice has a bright yellow look, while the halo has a more rose look in comparison with the darker yellow medallion itself. The back of this beauty is beautifully engraved floral initials and the date 29 Avril 1906. 

We love every little detail of this marvellous pendant. Its colour scheme, The hand made engravings, .. . This pendant will be a wonderful addition to your antique collection.

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2 cm
2,35 cm
1,27 gr

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