Antique Victorian wyvern brooch.

This fine antique brooch is a fabulous jewel of a fabulous beast. This 18K gold brooch has the horse head hallmark which reveals us this brooch is crafted in France between 1838 and 1919. This is the time Queen Victoria was the reign of England, since she was very influential, she also influenced the goldsmiths in France and other European countries. Therefore we can say this is an Victorian Brooch crafted in France. 


The beast shown on the brooch is a wyvern. It’s a mythical beast which was very popular in tales told in the Middle Ages. It’s a biped legendary creature with legs which look like eagle claws, the head and wings of a dragon, a reptile body and a tail ending in the shape of an arrow. In contradiction to the most common dragons now a day, these wyverns only have two legs and don’t breath fire. In cultures around the Mediterranean this concept of winged snakes was very popular. During Victoria’s era, this creature was seen as a talisman against evil.  


This impressive example of antique French jewellery is a fine example of craftsmanship. The details in this brooch are extraordinary and well preserved. The tail of this wyvern ends in acantus leafs and his wings are almost coming alive thanks to the engravings. Furthermore he holds a beautiful old mine cut diamond of approximately 0,14ct in his right claw and is ready to attack any evil that comes close.


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25,3mm - 0,99 inch
3 cm - 1,17 inch
10,7 gr
0,14 ct

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