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Ivy Pendant

For sale is this elegant ivy pendant crafted in 18 ct yellow gold. Ivy leafs stand for the connection and bands you have with family and friends. Because nothing can separate ivy from its host once it has once embraced it, similar to real friendships and a family band. As an early 1900's pendant, this charm is the perfect addition to your outfit to keep your loved once close. Two Ivy leafs and two small pearls are the center of this small pendant. They are encircled by a decorative, raised border, which where frequently used in jewelry during this period.

We love every little detail of this wonderful pendant. Its meaning, its romantic looks and the fact that it represents eternal love. It will be the perfect gift for that one person you love most. 

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1 gr
3 cm - 1,18 inch
1,6 cm - 0,64 inch

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